It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of suffering in the current crisis and believe we are powerless to act. The most positive thing we can do in these difficult circumstances is to reach out to the communities we are involved in to see how we can help those close to us. Community organizations are stretched right now, and the level of genuine need elsewhere means resources have been difficult to come by. That is why Aspen has decided to provide direct support for three critical community action groups:

  1. Operation Homefront
  2. Family Carers Ireland
  3. Inspired

Operation Homefront

In the United States, Operation Homefront helps military families during difficult financial times by providing assistance with such essentials as food, transport, and rent-free transitional housing. Its Homes on the Homefront initiative awards mortgage-free homes. The organization’s main aim is to help military families achieve long-term stability. Aspen is a committed supporter of this organization’s fantastic work on the ground.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across America, Operation Homefront has been responding to calls for assistance from military and veteran families who have lost wages and are about to miss important payments for their basic needs. These requests for assistance are expected to surge as bills become overdue in the coming weeks and months, so any support received at this time will be used to ensure these families meet their growing needs.

Family Carers

Family Carers Ireland was formed in 2016 from the merger of two established charities—The Carers Association and Caring for Carers—to provide a wide range of services and supports to family carers. Caring for family members at a time of social distancing and self-isolation is particularly difficult, and the people looking after the most vulnerable in our communities are under intense pressure. In these circumstances, Family Carers Ireland remains committed to providing support and guidance, to ensure that nobody will be left to care alone during the coming months.


Inspired is another community-based charity doing excellent work that needs help and resources more than ever at this time. Established by a group of parents in 2014, it was set up to help young adult children with intellectual disabilities to find a more meaningful role in their local community. The focus is on ability, with participants determining the direction of the group. They decide the classes and activities they want to pursue, and the charity finds qualified tutors to deliver them. During the current crisis, with many events being cancelled and social outreach becoming more difficult, its members need support more than ever.

The common thread linking all three of these charities is the work they do on the ground in the community.  Aspen is grateful to be in a position to be able to support these organizations and the invaluable work they do.