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Why Choose Aspen?

Leading U.S. institutions have used Aspen to transition $100+ billion worth of assets. Our trusted property servicing platform brings visibility, control & efficiency. As a proven, secure, industry leader, we protect your assets & your reputation with solutions that are easy to use and quick to implement.

What We Do

Aspen gives servicers and field service providers the tools to manage their default operations while addressing industry-wide problems such as cost control and recovery, investor allowable management, elimination of bill-backs, vendor oversight, compliance & reputational risk, quality control, and community safety.

Who We Are

Aspen Grove Solutions has been providing technology solutions to the mortgage default services industry since 1997. Founded in Boston, MA, and now based in Frederick, MD, we are a globally trusted partner for companies seeking to simplify their business processes.

Easy to Use. Quick to Implement.

Aspen’s Property Servicing Platform for Default Property Management

loan servicing versus property servicing

Aspen uses a unique, configurable platform to service property loans that have moved into default. Servicers gain control over their data with fast, flexible, streamlined technology that integrates smoothly with your current default property management processes.

The Aspen property servicing platform complements loan servicing and monitors all aspects of the property life cycle up to the point of resolution.  Information on the property and work order is transferred from the loan servicing platform, and everything to do with the property asset is managed in one place.

Our property servicing platform is the culmination of more than 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. It delivers solutions appropriate to every stage of your asset’s life cycle. Aspen has focused on solving industry-wide problems where control and transparency have been difficult to manage.

Our products enable :

  • cost control and recovery
  • investor allowable management
  • the elimination of bill-backs
  • vendor oversight
  • compliance & reputational risk
  • quality control
  • community safety
  • Inspections
  • Preservations
  • Conveyance Management
  • Vendor Management & Compliance
  • Hazard Claims
  • REO & Short Sales
  • Broker & Agent Solutions

Take Control with Aspen’s Property Servicing Platform

$ Leakage Minimized

Single Property View

Audit Indicators

Industry Standard Background Check

Network Oversight

Compliance Tracking

What Our Customers Say:


“This functionality has provided enhanced and valuable visibility into the status and expenses with each work order, including improvements in the control and oversight of our vendors.”

Wells Fargo

Field Servicers

“Aspen’s technology solutions have integrated seamlessly with our field service model and have enabled us to take our business processes and third party compliance to the next level.”

Dan Leader, COO of Guardian Asset Management


“Outstanding. I’ve never been treated so courteously, patiently and professionally.”

Aspen iRecord® customer, Worchester, Massachussets


“Aspen Grove Solutions is hands down the best solution provider in the market today!  If you want to be successful at managing and selling real estate then you need to work with Aspen Grove Solutions.”

Joe Iuliucci, Keller Williams Realty, Las Vegas, Nevada

Leading the Way

Sean Ryan CEO of Aspen Grove Solutions Image

Sean Ryan, Chief Executive Officer

“We believe we are transforming the mortgage industry to enhance outcomes for the investors/servicers and their borrowers through our solutions to simplify the operations of default property management and servicing.”

Image of Edmund Buckley

Edmond Buckley, President

“Our mission is to make everything that we do easy and quick. From implementation through to customer care and support, we work to remove friction in every transaction and interaction between ourselves, our customers and their supply chains, our partners, and on our systems.”