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Built on trust & security

Invest in reliable information security compliance—even as your asset portfolio grows. Aspen Grove’s platform provides best-in-class data security for your business and your clients.

Information Security Compliance


Strength in compliance

ISO 27001 Certification | Aspen Grove
PCI DSS Validated | Aspen Grove

Financial services businesses are dependent on robust data security to protect sensitive data and remain in compliance with industry regulations. We understand the risk businesses take when trusting sensitive data with outside vendors, which is why Aspen Grove holds a number of certifications demonstrating our commitment to security.


Keeping your data secure

Protect your business data at all times—even while moving, storing and sharing information between servicing tools, or between clients and other mortgage stakeholders. Our end-to-end security capabilities have earned wide recognition for enforcing the highest security standards across the Aspen Grove platform.

Security rating of top 10% of technology companies

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Partners in
data security

Aspen Grove team members are the first line of defense in the protection of our customers' data. We sponsor internal awareness campaigns, annual training and simulated phishing attacks to increase knowledge and awareness and enhance our security posture.

Best-in-class network protection

The Aspen Grove platform is continuously monitored both internally and externally to maximize network security. We utilize best-in-class network security solutions, including Network Intrusion Protection System (NIPS), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Unified Threat Management (UTM) in accordance with NAC policies.


From cloud-based data to data collection in the field, Aspen Grove’s end-to-end security improves your ability to access, manage and store sensitive data while supporting—and even enhancing—your day-to-day operations. Our hardware and software security can be customized to support your organization’s unique needs.

Managed security capabilities

Our endpoint devices are protected with antivirus software, host-based intrusion detection and protection systems, and syslog management through a centralized platform. Our production hosts also utilize next-gen firewalls to mitigate risk, monitor for security breaches, and ensure system-wide compliance.

management processes

Scan, test, identify and prevent potential vulnerabilities through these applications. Aspen Grove’s platform uses an SDLC vulnerability process developed in compliance with the latest OWASP Top 10 publications and NIST standards. We also integrate dynamic and static scanning tools into our agile development cycle to safeguard app development.

Mobile and
remote security

All team member laptops are encrypted with full-volume drive encryption, anti-virus protection, and end-to-end internal VPN technology. Our endpoint security solution provides best-in-class protection for data collected, shared and stored via mobile, remote, and other endpoint devices.

Stay adaptable to
emerging threats

We utilize frequent internal and external penetration testing, annual internal and external auditing in compliance with ISO 27001, and annual disaster recovery exercises to maintain a strong security posture for your business. This ongoing testing is combined with 24/7 monitoring to ensure consistent security, accessibility, and protection for your applications.

Better insights to power business

Break down data silos while turning Aspen Grove into a single source of servicing data. All platform-hosted data is encrypted on the wire and at rest using a minimum AES 256-bit encryption. We incorporate the latest transport layer security protocols to ensure safe transport of data between any two destinations.


Committed to privacy

GDPR - Data Privacy
CCPA - Data Privacy
Privacy Shield Framework

Data privacy is embedded into the design of the Aspen Grove platform. Whether it’s GDPR, CCPA or other emerging data regulations, our servicing solutions support today’s privacy needs while offering flexibility to adapt as new regulations and privacy considerations emerge. Future-proof your data privacy program by choosing a trusted security partner.

Built in partnership with industry tech leaders

Our best-in-class security infrastructure is made possible through partnerships with some of the world’s most trusted brands. From hosting and data storage to secure authentication, we’ve developed our products and services with carefully chosen technology partners.

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