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Aspen Grove - Mortgage Servicing Platform

Coordinate and standardize your servicing tasks, ensuring that your systems and people use the same data and dashboard, so they know what they need to do and when they need to do it.

The benefits of
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Improve your customer experience. And your bottom line.

Empower your work processes with greater speed, efficiency, accuracy and value. From easier loan modifications to faster loan outcomes, our task synchronization platform streamlines workflows while ensuring greater consistency and improved compliance.

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RIP process breaks. Hello profit.

Process breaks and workflow inconsistencies can be a wellspring of unnecessary costs and operational waste. From reduced curtailments to compensatory fees and more, our platform's integrated, synchronized servicing workflows help the average mortgage servicer cut related expenses by 70 percent.

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Ensure compliance. Avoid penalties.

The penalties and audits from regulatory oversight can bleed mortgage servicers of time and money. Our platform’s seamless workflows minimize process breaks and other common causes of regulatory non compliance. Our ability to generate a comprehensive audit trail alleviates the time demands of any investigation.

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Work smarter. Not harder.

Empower your team to achieve more with less. Our platform’s automated processes and focused work queues provide a laser focus and remove the clutter that can bog down any servicing department. Streamline and supercharge your servicing operation to accomplish more and help your business scale.

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A platform that delivers value


Our clients have saved 70¢ for every dollar in requested property spend

80% increase in productivity

Our clients have achieved up to 80% efficiency gains

Solutions for every part of mortgage servicing operations

Patchwork servicing solutions need not apply. Our all-in-one platform supports your full range of servicing needs. We provide custom-fit solutions for a wide range of servicing needs—and if we don’t have it, we can easily configure it.

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  • Borrower Engagement
  • Compliance
  • Collections
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
  • Inspections & Preservation Management
  • Property Registrations
  • Hazard Claims 
  • Capital Repairs
  • REO

Configurable digital solution for your borrower engagement

Increase customer retention and recapture through a modular, platform-based homeowner experience. Homeowner360 makes it easy to configure and digitize your customer interactions through a mobile interface and seamless API integration. Achieve higher net promoter scores while enabling a responsive solution for home management.

More about Homeowner360
Homeowner360 - Aspen Grove - Borrower Engagement

Capabilities designed around you

Our platform’s configurable process models make it easy to build a custom-fit solution that meets your specific needs. Our no-code development tool lets us easily configure our platform to serve your company’s unique needs and business goals. You get what you need, when you need it, when you work with Aspen.

Platform Configuration | Aspen Grove


Enjoy the big-picture view of your entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard. Our user-friendly design makes it easy to navigate our tools and quickly access the data and insights you need to manage your servicing workflows.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Dashboards

Work Queues

Provide your team with a one-stop shop for all their daily tasks. Focused user-assigned work queues make it easier than ever to manage their workloads.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Work Queues

Normalized Data

Organize and standardize all of your data across all your supply chain for a single source of truth. Our integrated platform enables and updates a single dataset to serve as the master copy of your most accurate business data.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Normalized Data

Agent & Vendor Management

Our management tool makes it easy to onboard and offboard agents and vendors, monitor their performance and track all activity across your entire portfolio.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Agent & Vendor Management

Team Management

Manage users, permissions and performance across all your teams. With full visibility of your servicing teams, you can increase productivity on both team and company-wide levels.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Features - Team Management


Our platform can serve as a communication hub that enables you to send and manage messages both internally and externally.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Messaging

API Connectivity

Our API enabled platform and processes allow you to integrate with other property solutions both upstream and downstream. This supports better productivity and performance across your operations.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - API

Automated Assignment

Facilitate faster, more efficient workflows through automated assignment. When new tasks are generated, our platform gives you the option of automatically assigning those tasks to team members, ensuring load balancing.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Inspections

Document Management

Securely store, share and manage your servicing documents. Our platform’s document management capabilities make it easy to quickly collaborate and deliver documents that keep your workflows moving along.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Document Management

Auditing & Traceability

When regulatory audits come knocking on your door, our platform’s processes are fully traceable to expedite the audit process. Quickly gather and share the information you need to close out audits and avoid regulatory penalties.

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Aspen Grove | Platform Features - Auditing & Traceability

Get going with 4 simple steps

Don’t let your current servicing solutions lock you into the limitations of legacy software and processes. We make it easy to migrate your servicing workflows from your existing solutions to our synchronized platform. You are four simple steps away from transforming your mortgage servicing.

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Fill out an onboarding template

Tell us how you currently manage your servicing operations.


Choose your baseline model

Each baseline process model can be customized to fit your needs.


Configure your model & rules

Our platform’s no-code design makes it easy to add features and rules.


Integrate partners

Benefit from our existing partner integrations and our API-enabled technology.

Easily adapts to your business needs with no-code configuration

Build custom data collection tools and processes without any coding required. Aspen’s no-code configuration tool provides seamless customization of workflows to connect frontend services and features to backend data and process management. This streamlines operations while meeting a wide range of standards, regulations, and other business needs.

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