Make mortgage servicing flow

Standardize your mortgage servicing process while customizing workflows to your business needs. Our all-in-one dashboard makes it easy to coordinate and manage tasks for better business results.


Borrower engagement

Configurable digital solution for your borrower engagement

Connect with borrowers quickly and on their terms. Our configurable borrower engagement solution digitizes loan services to provide borrowers with solutions for the entire homeownership journey. Retention and recapture just got easy.

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Homeowner360 | Aspen Grove


Build client trust

We offer the only industry-backed, fit-for-purpose standardized criminal background check. Provide real-time visibility of field personnel, along with a full audit history of each on-site visit to demonstrate compliance and trust. Our platform’s automated business rules can account for an unlimited number of compliance considerations, keeping your organization on-track and free of unnecessary penalties.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Compliance


Transformational collections

Unify underlying applications for the operator. Our collections product shortens onboarding time, eliminates manual checklists & improves compliance while shortening call times and systematically guiding operators through dynamic call flows. Eliminate after-call activities with real time data capture & interaction, resulting in reduced stress & anxiety for all parties.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Collections

Loss mitigation

Better outcomes for loss mitigation

Reach more qualified customers and ensure compliance with servicing rules. Our loss mitigation module coordinates the efforts of all of your loss mitigation team members, giving them access to the data they need to process applications correctly and efficiently—and it’s proven to improve process productivity.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Loss Mitigation

Bankruptcy & foreclosure

Full visibility of the foreclosure process

Our bankruptcy module gives you all the information and materials you need to prepare accurate and complete proofs of claim, and to lift bankruptcy stays. At the same time, our foreclosure module enables end-to-end process tracking, resolving bottlenecks quickly and easily.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Bankruptcy & Foreclosure

Inspections & preservation management

Optimized investor guidelines

Manage your advance funding to spend only on the work orders you really need. Our platform reduces unnecessary outlays and significantly increases recoverability of advances. Our streamlined, efficient management solution can reduce advance spending by up to 75 percent—even as performance improves.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Inspections & Preservation Management

Property registrations

Manage mortgage default at scale

Ensure compliance with municipal property registration requirements. Our platform streamlines registrations through automated registration tracking, management, and completion, supporting compliance even across a geographically diverse portfolio.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Property Registrations

Hazard claims

Maximize your asset recovery

The hazard claims process often involves a high level of data entry, maintenance, monitoring, and coordination with property preservation teams. Our platform alleviates the resource demands by organizing all of the information and materials you need to submit a complete and fully-documented claim.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Capital Repairs

Capital repairs

Effectively repair or replace your assets

Oversee the complex loss-draft process efficiently. With our loss draft module, you can collect and review all of the information and materials you need for speedy approval. Manage spending and repair timelines to maximize the value of these expenditures, and optimize spending while preserving the value of assets across your portfolio.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - Capital Repairs


Streamline your management process

Combine the many stages of REO management into a streamlined, visible, and efficient workflow. Our REO solution manages tasks and timelines to accelerate the sales process while coordinating team wide efforts—reducing resource waste and improving productivity.

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Aspen Grove Platform | Modules - REO Management

Stable, secure & reliable enterprise platform

5 million

photos and documents added monthly

1,600 unique

data points per asset tracked

$2.2 Billion

worth of repairs managed to date

Security rating of top 10% of technology companies

Bitsight Security Rating 790 | Aspen Grove Security



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Aspen Grove & Homepoint partnership

A streamlined approach to loss mitigation

To reduce the inefficiencies and headaches created by using the legacy financial software directly, Aspen Grove’s loss mitigation solution provided a new frontend that was placed over this legacy software, delivering an interface that updated this solution with modern, user-centric features and capabilities. The end result—a significant reduction in the manual labor and technical complexity required for managing any mortgage in default.

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Experience the difference with Aspen Grove

Only one servicing platform lets you standardize your processes while also building no-code solutions to meet your customized needs. Aspen Grove’s all-in-one platform connects all tasks, processes and stakeholders to align your mortgage servicing activities, allowing your operations reach new heights in productivity and performance.

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