2021 REO outlook: What to expect and how to prepare

Aspen Grove Insights | 2021 Housing and REO Outlook

On Oct 6th, in conjunction with Covius and Weiss Analytics, Aspen Grove Solutions’ Sean Ryan will join a panel of seasoned housing market veterans to discuss how to think ahead to, and prepare for, 2021 when millions of borrowers will emerge from forbearance.

Join Allan Weiss, Sean Ryan, Joe Chappell and Pete Pannes October 6 at 1ET for a live webinar: “A 2021 Housing and REO Outlook: What to Expect and How to Prepare”

Attendees will learn :

  • What macro-economic factors will influence the 2021 housing market and appreciating and depreciating MSAs
  • How to consider modeling for borrower in-flows and out-flows and needed operational capacity
  • Three best practices to test now for 2021 REO inventory