March 20, 2020

These are unprecedented and challenging times for everyone. At times like this, we reflect on what it means to be a team, a family, a business partner and how we can play a role to help everyone – no matter how small. 

Aspen’s core values are rooted in both people and community and as we consider the impact Covid-19 will have on our partners and our ability to support our industry we anticipate some challenges ahead. With this in mind, we have taken a decision to remove subscription fees for Aspen iRecord starting on Monday next – March 23rd. From this date both the initial sign-up fee and the annual renewal fee will be waived.

We hope that this measure will go some way to helping our vendors across the US to stay in Aspen iRecord, get their background check and continue to provide services to the industry that needs them now more than ever.

We will also be reaching out to vendors that have registered in the past but may no longer be active, as we believe these professionals will be needed in the future as the situation unfolds.

We hope that this measure will help our National partners and clients, our Servicing clients and the vendors that carry out the inspections and preservation work on behalf of our industry.

We would like to thank National Association of Mortgage Field Services for their continued support of National Background Check and Compliance standards and we hope by implementing this change it helps NAMFS’ members in these challenging times.

The Aspen team, working safely to the guidelines of our Pandemic Reaction Plan, remain fully available and active to provide support to our customers and partners.

About Aspen Grove Solutions

Aspen has been providing technology solutions to the mortgage industry since 1997. Its property servicing platform is used to manage business processes across the entire asset continuum. The platform provides a central location for managing everything related to the asset, simplifies integrations across the supply chain, and provides key business dashboards and insights to drive decisions and automate business processes. Aspen also operates Aspen iRecord – a portal that enables professionals, contractors, regional and national businesses to manage their compliance to Industry Standards.