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Centralized, end-to-end asset management

Field Servicing Solutions | Aspen Grove Case Study

Project at a glance

  • Industry Solution

    Mortgage Field Services Company

  • Challenge

    Guardian Asset Management’s operations and data were spread out across many different applications, creating a disjointed operational flow rife with inefficiencies.

  • Solution delivered

    Aspen Grove’s all-in-one platform centralized Guardian’s data while supporting integrations and automation processes. The end result was faster, more efficient operations and the ability to scale as the business grew.

Differences we made

A true end-to-end platform centralizing all property management activities into a single interface

Rapid business growth at scale, including a nearly three-fold growth in managed properties in just 36 months and a four-fold increase in transaction volume

Productivity and performance gains as evidenced by improved client scorecard metrics and average project time-to-completion

Automation of roughly 80 percent of review processes, allowing better resourcing for complex projects requiring manual review


The high cost of manual data management

Prior to adopting the Aspen Grove platform, Guardian Asset Management’s day-to-day operations relied on a patchwork of many different applications, as well as many different datasets used and maintained by each of those business solutions.

This disjointed tech infrastructure caused similar fragmentation in the company’s operations. With data coming in from different sources, and with different contexts and standards to be accounted for, significant business resources were spent normalizing data and overcoming gaps in communication and other workflow processes.

A lack of automation meant that these tedious processes required manual execution, further increasing the burden of poorly integrated business technologies. These resource-intensive constraints were a drag on Guardian’s profits, its customer service and responsiveness, and its ability to scale operations.


Enabling standardization and customization

When Guardian decided to adopt Aspen Grove as its property management platform, the company quickly discovered the benefits of a centralized solution that could integrate multiple data sources and automate many steps in its data normalization and reporting processes.

AspenGrove-Guardian_Management_case study
“Aspen Grove’s platform truly is an end-to-end solution, providing 100% clarity to our clients. It's just a great tool. Aspen Grove has cutting edge technology and there’s nothing like it in our space.”


Through the use of business rules, Aspen Grove’s platform can be customized to process and normalize multiple separate data sets to produce standardized information through automated processes. This increases the volume of properties that can be managed by the company while ensuring Guardian’s teams are focused on properties that present a higher risk profile to their clients.


While many business solutions force companies to choose between ease of adoption and customizability, Guardian found that Aspen Grove equally served both of those goals: along with an easy onboarding process to integrate its robust tools and features, Aspen Grove’s platform makes it easy for Guardian to create customized workflows and reports for each of its business clients.

Even better, Aspen Grove is an active participant whenever Guardian onboards a new mortgage servicer to the platform, ensuring that the client is comfortable with the platform from the very start.


Full transparency = improved client trust

In addition to the powerful capabilities offered through the Aspen Grove platform, Guardian’s clients benefit from full platform transparency that lets each client track Guardian’s performance across all asset management activities. By embracing the automation, standardization and accountability offered by Aspen Grove, Guardian was able to achieve the following:

  • A significant reduction in manual review processes through the use of business rules and automation;
  • More actionable and higher quality data through in-platform standardization and normalization;
  • Rapid scaling of its assert portfolio size, while streamlining its workflows and improving management performance;
  • Top scores from its client scorecards and reports, proving the platform’s value in upgrading Guardian’s customer experience.

“I can't say enough about the partnership that we have with Aspen Grove. They're by our side every step of the way as we grow. The team at Aspen Grove is very flexible and great partners to work with.”

Dan Leader

COO, Guardian Asset Management