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Via Aspen’s Property Servicing Platform

Aspen delivers property servicing solutions through a unique platform. This configurable platform uses advanced technology to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes. It also increases their speed, flexibility, and efficiency, and gives servicers control and power over servicer data.

Property Servicing Platform vs. Loan Servicing Platform

A performing loan sits in a loan servicing platform that tracks everything to do with servicing the loan. When a loan stops performing and enters default, it moves to Aspen’s property servicing platform, which complements loan servicing. The loan servicing platform relays information on the property and work order to Aspen’s property servicing platform, where all the asset details are managed. This includes tracking and controlling all aspects of the property life cycle. The property servicing platform does this all in one place, right up to the point of resolution.  Even better, portals or APIs manage integration to third parties. Client and investor portals and integrations are also available.

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Property Servicing Solutions for All Stages of the Asset Life Cycle

Our property servicing solutions are the product of more than 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry. As a result, we know how to deliver solutions appropriate to every stage of your asset’s life cycle. Above all, we focus on solving industry-wide problems where control and transparency have been difficult to manage. Our products enable cost control and recovery, investor allowable management, the elimination of bill-backs, vendor oversight, compliance & reputational risk, quality control, and community safety.

Better Outcomes for Borrowers & Servicers

Our revolutionary approach to the default servicing platform creates better outcomes for borrowers and for investors/servicers. These solutions increase compliance, decrease risk, reduce costs, improve quality, and are easy and quick to implement. As a consequence, the pre-foreclosure business model we have created for servicers is unrecognizable from what came before.

  • Aspen’s property servicing platform vastly reduces service reliance on third-party systems for pre-foreclosure by managing everything related to the property. It doesn’t matter how many third-party providers touched it.
  • We have implemented the standard mortgage field services criminal background check—increasing compliance levels, reducing costs, and improving quality.
  • Our enterprise solutions are easy to use and quick to implement, managing all aspects of default servicing and integrations to internal systems and external third parties.

Background Check & Proof of Service Solutions

Aspen Grove has revolutionized the mortgage field services industry. We introduced the first and only industry-backed, fit-for-purpose standardized criminal background check for mortgage field services personnel. Now widely adopted across the industry, it allows field service personnel to use just one background check to work for multiple clients and work providers.

The introduction of a standard has raised vendor compliance levels across the board. Our Proof of Compliance and Proof of Service offerings enhance compliance even further. Using either the Aspen mobile platform or a third-party mobile application, vendors sign in to the property with their unique identifier. They record the date and time of service and prove they complied with the standard check. Combining the background check with proof of compliance and service not only boosts compliance, it also reduces fraud and costs for service providers, makes neighborhoods safer, and simplifies vendor management.

Property Inspections & Preservation Solutions

Aspen’s unique property-centred platform is highly configurable and integrates seamlessly with your existing processes and third-party applications, for greater speed and efficiency. Each stage of the property life cycle introduces compliance risk, monetary risk, data loss risk and reputational risk for the servicer. Our solutions mitigate against risk across the life cycle. Unlike other property servicing solutions, our platform is flexible enough to allow your business to change and expand in a cost-effective, non-disruptive manner. Our built-for-purpose Preserve & Protect module, for example, gives mortgage servicers full end-to-end control over all work pricing. You can manage all investor allowables BEFORE the work is done – thus eliminating bill-backs from the process and potentially saving millions of dollars.

Aspen Grove Solutions’ systems are now used by more than 20,000 organizations in the mortgage field services space. Click the relevant link to see how we can help you with your specific property servicing needs:


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