Aspen’s Property Servicing Platform

What is a Property Servicing Platform?

A property servicing platform focuses primarily on the asset. Delivering a single source of information for everything to do with the asset, the Aspen Property Servicing Platform provides visibility over your entire portfolio of properties while ensuring key data is available to support real-time decision making.

Property Servicing Platform vs. Loan Servicing Platform

A performing loan sits in a loan servicing platform that tracks everything to do with servicing the loan. When a loan stops performing and enters default, it moves to Aspen’s property servicing platform, which complements loan servicing. The loan servicing platform relays information on the property and work order to Aspen’s property servicing platform, where all the asset details are managed. This includes tracking and controlling all aspects of the property life cycle. The property servicing platform does this all in one place, right up to the point of resolution.
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What can your Property Servicing Platform deliver?

Aspen focuses on solving industry-wide problems stemming from difficulties managing control and transparency. Our products enable cost control and recovery, investor allowable management, the elimination of bill-backs, vendor oversight, compliance & reputational risk, quality control, and community safety.

An Overview of the Aspen Property Servicing Platform:

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As part of our philosophy of building platform capability, Aspen has created a toolkit that allows us—without coding—to create workflows and forms through our configuration system and publish those to the operational model.

Pricing Policy & Allowables

We have built all of the claims rules, allowable rules, and investor rules upfront. These are configurable, allowing you to accommodate private investor portfolios with different rules.

When a task is assigned to a field service company, all the pricing and allowable rules are checked upfront, so when the work is completed, QCed and signed off, it’s one and done. This eliminates billbacks and the huge industry overhead that exists around billbacks and claims further downstream.

Bespoke versions can be configured for any kind of service.

Asset Owners & Servicers

Find out more about how Aspen’s Property Servicing Portal empowers asset owners and servicers with operational control, driving cost management and the prevention of dollar leakage, while enabling you to be future-focused.

Field Service Management

Discover how Aspen’s property serving portal can help field service managers drive scale without increasing resources, delivering efficiencies and helping you to better serve your clients.


Learn more about the only industry-backed, fit-for-purpose standardized criminal background check for mortgage field services personnel and combine it with our Proof of Compliance or Proof of Service offerings.