Field Service Management

Technology That Integrates Smoothly With Field Service Models

Gain Real-Time Control

Service providers to the mortgage field services industry need technology that integrates painlessly with field service models. It should also allow them to optimize their business processes and third-party compliance. Aspen’s focus on seamless, technology-enabled quality control gives you real-time control over every work order, even as your mortgage field services business expands.

  • Service providers already manage 30,000 vendors using Aspen’s platform.
  • They process more than 1 million work orders on our platform every month.
  • Service providers have uploaded some 100+ million photos to our platform to date. More than 100 new photo attachments are being added each minute.

Get Full Network Visibility

If you can’t see it, it didn’t happen. You need full network visibility to avoid fraud and retain control of what happens at your clients’ properties. Aspen’s tools for background checks, proof of service, and property servicing give you certainty: You know who was at your client’s property, whether they should have been there, and what work they did. Seamless integration with the Aspen mobile platform or a third-party application identifies the person via their unique ABC#. It also proves they were at the property and complied with the industry standard background check. Performance reports and audits flag any mismatch between the date, time, or geolocation of the property recorded and the information on the Aspen platform.

Integrate the Painless Way

Change often brings disruption, but not with Aspen. Our unique property servicing platform uses cutting-edge technology to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes. This means maximum speed, flexibility, and efficiency. We know your mortgage field services business does not stand still, so we make sure our platform facilitates change in an easy, configurable, cost-effective, and non-disruptive manner. You can submit individuals for the industry-standard background check, create connection codes, and activate logins for your vendors, assign and track work orders. In short, you can everything you need to do to keep your vendors compliant and working efficiently.

Introduce Efficiencies to Your Business Processes

Take your business processes to the next level with Aspen’s innovative solutions.

We are constantly refining our technology to streamline our workflows so that you can eliminate cost and improve quality. A recent example is our built-for-purpose Preserve & Protect module. This gives servicers full control over pricing by client, region, investor and vendor; pricing policies; bids; and allowables. Aspen products are intuitive and easy to use. Vendors can sign in at the property with their mobile devices and record work completed, photos, and any required additional information in real time, using either the Aspen mobile platform or a third-party mobile solution. In addition, vendors like using the Aspen system because the industry-standard background check can be used for all the clients they work for.

Demonstrate Compliance

Just because you rely on third parties to conduct your property inspections and maintenance does not mean you can outsource your responsibility for their compliance. Aspen makes it easy to show compliance, even with multilayered networks. We have developed the background check, compliance, and vendor management solution that is fit for purpose for our industry. Using Aspen to take care of compliance means you get:

  • the industry-standard criminal background check
  • multiple levels of background check compliance
  • optional proof of service compliance at the property (sign-ins) when integrated with Aspen’s mobile platform or a third-party mobile application

Contact Aspen today, and see just how easy vendor management can be.

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