The Industry Standard Background Check

Compliance Made Easy

Getting a background check for a field service vendor used to be a huge ordeal. It was so risky and inefficient, in fact, that industry experts asked Aspen to help them create an industry standard check. Those experts included the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Wells Fargo, First Advantage, and several other independent vendors. The joint effort they launched in 2013 resulted in a background check system that ensured a consistent, safe, compliant, and efficient approach to completing field services work.
This is the only industry-backed, fit-for-purpose standardized criminal background check for mortgage field services personnel. Now widely adopted across the industry, it is the only background check a field service vendor needs, even if they work for multiple clients and work providers.

The Industry Standard Background Check

background checkEveryone who completes the industry-standard background check receives an individual compliance status rated from one to four, depending on their level of compliance. They also receive a unique ABC# that identifies them without breaching their confidentiality.

We provide networking capabilities that allow field service providers to share their compliance information seamlessly online with their clients.

Need to order a background check?

It could not be easier:

  1. Register with Aspen iRecord® and select a background check company.
  2. Submit contact for ABC# and background check, with consent.
  3. Background check is completed and adjudicated by the background check company.
  4. View individual compliance (IC) result for contact.
  5. Release result to Aspen account.
  6. Share compliance through network connections.
  7. Check in on site at the property.

For additional oversight, accountability, monitoring, and risk management, Aspen’s proof-of-service technology tracks each work order performed on site for compliance. Vendors check in using their ABC#, update property condition questions, and agree to a code of conduct. Our powerful analytics tools do the rest!

The standard industry background check solves the industry’s main problems by:

Strengthening vendor management

  • Reinforcing accountability, consumer confidence, and proper due diligence in selecting vendors
  • Supporting a proactive approach to a safe, sound, secure vendor network

Introducing transparency

  • Allowing you to see through unlimited network tiers while maintaining network confidentiality
  • Ensuring consistency and a level playing field in vetting and hiring decisions
  • Removing uncertainty when adjudicating background checks
  • Promoting due diligence
  • Encouraging consistent quality and control in third-party selection
  • Making it less risky to select a vetting level independently
  • Providing a comprehensive, data-driven, auditable compliance program

Protecting consumers

  • Proactively protecting consumers, thus reducing complaints to regulatory authorities

Saving time & money

  • Cutting the time required for reviewing and scoring background check reports, including automated notification of any reports that may need additional attention or have red flags
  • Eliminating the cost of running multiple checks to meet different companies’ requirements

Protecting vendors

  • Using a unique vendor ABC# to protect the field services professional’s identity and communicate their compliance level
  • Providing representation for the field services vendors with an industry working group of peers, so that vendors can appeal results anonymously to the Industry Working Group Appeals Committee

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