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Trusted Partner to Some of the Country’s Largest Mortgage Servicers

Aspen’s property management platform has helped some of the United States’ biggest names in mortgage servicing dispose of more than $100 million worth of assets. We can help you take control of your mortgage servicing through the full asset life cycle.

  • Are Increased Servicing Outlays Making It Harder to Achieve Profitability Goals?
  • Do You Need to Drive Down Costs So You Can Focus on Strategic Priorities?
  • Do Your Processes Lack Transparency?
  • Would You Like Full Visibility of Your Properties?

Our expertise covers enterprise solutions, core business issues, leakage, internal and third-party integrations, change management, and security.

Keep Mortgage Servicing Data Secure

Your data is one of your most valued resources, and protecting it should be one of your key concerns. With Aspen, your data resides in the property system of record at all times. You never have to rely on your vendors’ systems to maintain your data.  Our dedicated Application Security Team ensures that your data remains protected.

Prevent Leakage

Aspen’s property servicing platform offers a secure, transparent, customizable workflow to manage routine property inspections and preservation. Simply combine it with Aspen’s integrated mobile application for real-time control of all work performed on your assets.
Use our built-for-purpose Preserve & Protect module for full end-to-end control over all work pricing. Manage all investor allowables BEFORE the work is done – thus eliminating bill-backs from the process and potentially saving millions of dollars.

Clear line of sight of what everyone in your network is doing protects against:

  • Dollar leakage
  • Fraud
  • Reduced asset value

Protect Asset Value

The secret to successful mortgage servicing is protecting your asset’s condition to maximize the return on its disposal. Aspen helps you do this with a blend of rigorous vendor management and effective inspections and maintenance.  We give you the assurance of tamper-proof data to demonstrate that the vendors servicing your property meet your compliance levels and carry out the work as specified. Our streamlined workflows and single property view give you instant visibility and oversight of the work completed on your asset.

Demonstrate Compliance

Aspen helps you demonstrate regulatory compliance through the multiple layers of your network with our industry-standard background check, compliance, and vendor management solution. We have developed the technology and process around the standardized, fit-for-purpose criminal background check for our industry:

  • the industry-standard criminal background check
  • multiple levels of background check compliance
  • optional proof-of-service compliance at the property (sign-ins) when integrated with Aspen’s mobile platform or a third-party mobile application

 Make It Easy

Aspen works with your existing processes to ensure minimum disruption while transforming your operations. We support multiple implementation models, depending on your requirements, and we will support your rollout to clients and vendors.

Talk to us today to find out more about how we can help you to save money, reduce risk, and provide a better service to customers who find themselves in difficulties with their mortgage.

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