Better Together – Integration Made Easy

Get the Experts to Manage Your Integrations

Aspen has significant experience in setting up, testing, implementing, monitoring, and logging integrations between systems and companies. This is important to know when you are considering the most suitable implementation of Aspen’s property servicing solution for your company. We integrate our property servicing platform with any required upstream and downstream systems and processes for simplicity and improved productivity.

Aspen’s property servicing platform can stand alone, for servicers to migrate their different default processes into our system, or they can plug their processes in through an integration.

Here is a typical scenario in which Aspen is used as middleware:Some of the integrations completed to date include:

  • Servicer integrations
  • Integration to servicer back-end portals
  • Integration to Yardi P260
  • Black Knight’s LoanSphere InterChange: file transfer, web services, and real-time access to Black Knight’s servicing system—LoanSphere MSP®
  • 3rd party mobile providers
  • Dynamic task suite of APIs – task instance API, property API, attachment API
  • Work order service API – Used for the ordering, cancellation, and assignment of tasks by integrators to Aspen
  • Data integration
  • Compliance API—Proof of Service

We support a range of implementation options. Just tell us what you need.
Here are just some of the companies with whom we have completed integrations: