Five Star Fintech Summit 2018

Five Star Fintech Summit 2018

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five star fintech 2018Nashville, Tennessee (March 21-22)
The inaugural Five Start Fintech Summit heralded a new approach for the industry, covering all aspects of fintech and its future applications. At the inaugural event, speakers from the technology, operations, and mortgage industries discussed the latest approaches to bringing financial technology into the forefront of consumers’ experience. Transparency, accessibility, and ease of use were all discussed during this two-day meeting.

Based at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel, the summit gathered together professionals from two different worlds that are intersecting more and more. Representatives from the housing industry and the tech world immersed themselves in a full day of curriculum involving the technologies that are set to transform numerous industries. Their discussions centered on how those technologies can bring mortgage and housing to the next level.

Aspen CEO Sean Ryan discussed the case for blockchain in innovation strategies. Other topics included cryptocurrencies, big data, and machine learning. The summit combined TED Talk-style presentations with smaller panels encouraging audience participation to progress discussions of how the industry is changing, and how companies can leverage the changes successfully.

Five Star Institute  president and CEO Ed Delgado emphasized the importance of seizing the current opportunity to deepen the industry’s understanding of emerging technology capabilities and incorporate them into procedures and products that will serve and and educate its customers better.

FiveStar Fintech Summit The summit kicked off on the Thursday with panels on cryptocurrency, its potential, and its implications for the future of the industry. Then discussion turned to the technology that drives cryptocurrencies—blockchain. The focus was on how the concept of distributed ledgers could transform processes such as record-keeping and title. Afternoon topics included big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The panels discussed how automating asset management,risk assessment, and data analysis could make processes more efficient, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.

The Five Star Fintech Summit concluded on a high note, with the general consensus that this should be an annual event.