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Five Star Fintech Summit 2018

five_star_fintech_summitNashville, Tennessee (March 21-22)
Five Star has organized a new conference to launch a new route for the industry, covering all aspects of Fintech and its future applications. At the inaugural Five Star Fintech Summit, speakers from the technology, operations, and mortgage industries will discuss the latest approaches to bringing financial technology into the forefront of consumers’ experience. Transparency, accessibility, and ease of use are all focused on during this two-day meeting.

150 150 Professional Services Team

IMN Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Conference 2018

imn_residential_mortgage_servicing_conferenceNew York, NY (March 26-27)
The annual IMN Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Conference attracts more than 400 participants to New York City, 180 of them from banks, non-bank originators, mortgage investors, hedge funds, and other institutional investors. The IMN forum is the only opportunity on the calendar for owners and administrators of mortgage servicing rights to get together for a dedicated day and a half and discuss nothing but mortgage servicing rights. Given our climate of heightened regulatory scrutiny and low interest rates, it is even more important for the $10 trillion MSR industry to gather and examine the latest developments.

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The 2018 Five Star Government Forum

2018 five start government forumThe 9th Annual Five Star Government Forum brings together leaders in mortgage servicing and the federal government for a full day of open dialogue about the industry’s most important issues. Officials who make vital decisions on the direction of the housing economy work with the mortgage industry to ensure that the regulations protecting the industry and its customers are sensible. Among the groups represented at the 2018 Five Star Government Forum are the CFPB, HUD, FHFA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae.

Aspen Hosts 2018 NMSA Member Reception

The forum itself takes place at the iconic Newseum in Washington, D.C. on April 3. That evening, Aspen Grove Solutions will host a National Mortgage Servicing Association (NMSA) members’ reception at the Bibiana Osteria Enoteca. The NMSA is a nonpartisan organization designed to drive progress and change on the main issues facing the mortgage servicing industry. NMSA members are invited to join us for a private dinner and reception. What better way to round off the day’s proceedings?

A More Perfect Union – The Agenda

After the morning’s keynote speech, thoughts will turn to developments in policy and regulation. You will hear from a panel  of experts on what is happening in the areas of laws and regulations and what your company should be doing to remain in the loop.
The industry’s leading economists will then discuss the economic conditions driving homeownership and the prospects for another housing bubble.

After lunch, attention will focus on the change of leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and its implications for the CFPB’s priorities in 2018. Then, a panel will examine the issue of responsibly extending access to credit across the current and future mortgage markets.
The final discussion in the packed schedule centers on the implications of the changes within HUD for the future of housing.


The 2018 Five Star Government Forum is addressed by some of the industry’s most impressive thought leaders. These compelling contributors are highly influential among their peers and other representatives of the mortgage industry. Collectively, they have built decades of experience and played key roles in leading the federal government and the mortgage industry. They include Mark McArdle, assistant director of mortgage markets at the CFPB; Yvette Gilmore, vice president of servicing performance management at Freddie Mac; Mark Palim, deputy chief economist at Fannie Mae; and Ed Delgado, president & CEO of the Five Star Institute.

Are you attending the 2018 Five Star Government Forum? We might see you there!

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MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo 2018

MBA_technology_solutions_conferenceDetroit, MI (April 15-18)
MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference & Expo 2018 is the industry’s leading trade show dedicated to the latest technology solutions. Attendees get to network with key mortgage technology experts and vendors, plan for the future, and learn about the latest technologies to help them develop their businesses. This is the essential industry event for anyone who wants to find out about the problems facing all sectors of the industry and the solutions that technology has created to address them.

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MBA’s National Secondary Market Conference & Expo 2018

MBA_secondary_market_conferenceNew York, NY (May 20-23)
New York City is the nation’s financial nerve center, so it is the perfect location to spend four days making connections, building relationships, and making deals. MBA’s National Secondary Market Conference & Expo gathers together market makers, government agency leaders, and key industry experts to present the latest industry trends, regulatory developments, and strategies. The event offers superb general sessions, educational breakout sessions, the HUB, and networking events. Bringing together market makers, government agency leaders, and leading industry experts, it has developed into the event secondary mortgage market executives must attend if they want to grow their business. Typical attendees include CEOs and senior-level executives, mortgage investors, investment bankers, rating agency professionals, risk managers, mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, Federal Home Loan Bank members, regulators, REITs, buyers and sellers of distressed assets, mortgage brokers, and warehouse lenders.