• Sean Ryan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Sean Ryan is founder of Aspen Grove Solutions and became CEO in 2008. Since that time the company has grown rapidly as it continues to expand its technology products and services into the property management, preservation, and disposition space. An internet visionary, Sean has been working on internet-based technology service solutions since 1995 and has successfully put the Internet to work as a business-to-business technology service medium in many industries. Through Sean’s leadership Aspen Grove Solutions is working to fulfil its mission of easy to use and quick to implement not only in the solutions provided to our customers but in all interactions with the company internally and externally.
  • Edmond Buckley
    Ed has over 25 years executive experience managing service provider operations within the Financial Services sector. He has used his vast experience to oversee the triple-fold growth of Aspen Grove Solutions and has implemented operational process to manage that growth. Under Ed’s leadership, Aspen Grove Solutions has played a pivotal role in developing a Standardized Background Check Compliance Solution for the Financial Services Industry. Aspen iRecord® is an innovative, private cloud based solution that satisfies the growing field service professionals requirement for an auditable, standardized and compliant background check, verifiable at the point of service.
  • John Gannon
    Chief Financial Officer
    John Gannon is Chief Financial Officer. John has 25 years of international experience in Financial and Operations Management in the IT, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Pharmaceutical sectors. John has a broad commercial role in Aspen Grove Solutions and is responsible for Finance, Legal, Human Resources and the Project Office. John is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Certified Accountants (FCCA) and qualified in 1991.
  • Ron Briggs
    Senior Vice President - Business Development
    Ron has 25 years of experience in the field of real estate, specifically in the mortgage servicing and default industry. He also brings experience from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) where he spent a number of years managing many aspects of the REO sales and disposition process, including eviction, repurchase, title, closing, and mortgage insurance claims. Within Aspen Grove Solutions, Ron support clients, business analysts, project managers, and technical leads focused on multiple projects across the platform, as well as the internal sales and business development teams.
  • Chuck Sockol
    VP of Industry Relations
    Chuck focuses on growing and managing Aspen Grove Solutions’ vendor compliance and management solutions customer base, and Aspen iRecord® in particular, the technology behind a range of standardized industry background check compliance offerings. Chuck brings a wealth of experience in a number of roles in the property preservation industry, as well as over 17 years of vendor management experience in multiple industries.

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